Notice of Motions

Mono Council:

Business Centre - December 4, 2018

Whereas much of the Town of Mono does not have adequate Internet speed or reliability;And whereas access to the Internet for most of Mono is expensive and choice of providers limited;

And whereas many residents of Mono who operate businesses from home have an immediate need for high speed Internet access that is reliable and affordable;

Be it resolved that:

  1. Mono establish a Business Centre/Workstation(s) at the Municipal Office or other Town facility where residents can access the Internet.

  2.  Town staff prepare recommendations for Council with regard to its location and operation and that such recommendations be considered by Council on January 22.


    The Business Centre/Workstation(s) is envisaged at its simplest of a desk, chair, electrical outlet and ethernet jack. An actual computer would be a plus but not necessary if users bring their own laptops.

    Use should be subject an undertaking not to access inappropriate sites and limited to specific durations. 

The purpose is to give residents access to the highest Internet speed possible primarily to download/upload large files and to permit video conferencing.

Policing - December 4, 2018

Whereas speeding and infractions of the Highway Traffic Act and of the Criminal Code are of concern to many residents of Mono;

And Whereas Mono contracts for police services with the OPP;

And Whereas the Chief Justice of the Ontario Court of Justice sets fines under the Highway Traffic Act and most speeding fines have remained unchanged for over 15 years;

Be it Resolved that Council establish a Task Force including members of the public, the OPP, Police Services Board and members of Council to examine the following:

Whether we currently have adequate police resources under the contract with the OPP and if not, how should we provide for additional resources.

Mono’s road and community safety issues as high priority, assessing and  recommending specific solutions and how we can work with appropriate bodies to effect improvements.

And whether Mono should petition the Chief Justice of the Ontario Court of Justice to increase Set Fines for speeding and other Highway Traffic Act infractions and seek broader municipal and provincial support for this proposition. 

And that this Task Force report back to the March 12th meeting of Council.


It is anticipated that composition include all members of the police services board, a representative of Dufferin OPP, at least two members of the public and Council as well as support staff.

Broadcast of Mono Council Meetings - December 4, 2018

Whereas the Town of Mono encourages citizen engagement and transparency of Council business;

And whereas YouTube hosts municipal channels and proceedings of councils and committee meetings;

And whereas a single fixed camera can record proceedings of a council together with a good sound system e.g. Kirkland Lake -

And whereas this approach is probably the most cost effective means of broadcasting municipal council meetings;

Be it resolved that Town of Mono staff investigate the practicality and cost of establishing a Mono YouTube channel that, among other things, would be used to broadcast council and possibility committee meetings reporting back in February.